Frequently Asked Questions

How many floors can I go up and down with a full battery?

Answer: After the lithium battery is fully charged, You can go up and down about 75 floors, (Use time: about 1.5 ~ 2 hours).

Tip: the battery life will vary according to the user's weight, the angle of the stairs and other factors.

How long will the battery last? 

When used in a non-commercial residential setting, the battery will last up to three years.

Will this work on carpeted stairs? How about Wood, Tile stairs etc?

Our electric stair climbing wheelchair can work on almost any stairs, both indoors or outdoors, including: tile stairs, stone stairs, cement stairs, wood stairs, metal stairs, They also works on carpeted stairs, but only if the carpet is fully attached to the stairs and not on a staircase with a throw carpet or runner, because the carpet could slip under the tracks.

Tip: Do not use the chair on slippery stairs outdoors in rain or snow to avoid danger.

How much space do I need on the landings?

It is recommended that you leave a 40” (100cm) gap on the top platform and a 38” (95cm) gap on the bottom platform.

When making a 90-degree turn on the platform of the stairwell, we recommend leaving a space of 44”x 44” (110cm x 110cm).

Can the rider operate the electric stair-climbing wheelchair alone?

No, the rider cannot operate the electric stair-climbing wheelchair alone.

The operator stands behind the rider and uses the control panel to control the ascent or descent, For additional safety, we recommend another person to act as a spotter.

Does the operator in the back of the chair have to walk backwards on the stairs?

Yes, but the operator controls the pace of the ascent. For additional safety, we recommend another person to act as a spotter.

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